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Edd Meakin

female | Age: 25 years | Looking for roomate in Prague

About Me

Hey hey, Born in London, UK I have recently accepted a teaching position in Prague and am very excited to move! Just need to find a nice place to live.. Will arrive on 21st Jan 2019. I am very outgoing and love to talk about anything, but am very able to respect privacy when needed. I love the arts, history and Philosophy as well as skateboarding and music. I play the guitar (quietly!) and of course love to go out in the evenings. However, I spent my teenaged years in the Netherlands partying so am a little more reserved in that respect now! Also will have lots of work to do! I am new to the city so would loove to explore with new friends and see all the beautiful sites on the weekends. Please send me a message, a text or find me on facebook/instagram: eddmeakin! I would love to hear from you. (:
My Details
Budget: 453 €
Disponibility: 21. 01. 2019
Activity: Professional
House Skills: CleanCookChill
For how long: long term
Looking for: roomate
Sexual preferences:    straight
Bed time: Night owl
Relationship: single
Pets: No pets
Smoker: Non-smoker
Party: Often
Language skills: English
Country of origin: United Kingdom