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Louise Hallgren

female | Age: 37 years | Looking for roomate in Prague

About Me

I am from Sweden and have been living back and forth in Prague for 7 years now. I just got a full time job which starts the 5th of dec and I´m looking for a place to live in Vinohrady. As a person I am easygoing and friendly, play a bit guitar and sing but no hardcore punk or rock, soft folk mainly so won´t bother you blasting out tunes late at night! I want to buy a flat in Prague but decided to wait a few years since the prices are sky high right now. I am in contact with agencies and saw some really nice flats but will need one more person to share the costs with. Hopefully someone easy to get along with and someone who doesn´t throw massive parties at home :) Looking forward to hear from you! Louise
My Details
Budget: 440 €
Disponibility: 01. 01. 2019
Activity: Professional
House Skills: CleanCookChill
For how long: long term
Looking for: roomate
Sexual preferences:    straight
Bed time: Early bird
Relationship: single
Pets: No pets
Smoker: Non-smoker
Party: Not often
Language skills: CzechEnglish
Country of origin: Sweden