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Virginia Tembo

female | Age: 26 years | Looking for roomate in Prague

About Me

I am originally from Zambia, I am 25 years old I am both studying and working full time. I study Business law and work as a customer support worker in an international company. I speak Czech, but not so fluently. I am a native English speaker I am an understanding person, clean, quiet, and I respect boundaries.
My Details
Budget: 351 €
Disponibility: 28. 11. 2019
Activity: Student
House Skills: CleanCookChill
For how long: long term
Looking for: roomate
Sexual preferences:    straight
Bed time: Early bird
Relationship: single
Pets: No pets
Smoker: Non-smoker
Party: Not often
Language skills: CzechEnglish
Country of origin: Czech Republic