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Prague & Events : Week 15 (11/4 to 17/4)

Posted by Axel Gnassia on 10.4.2016
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Welcome back !
Here we start again a new week accompanied with Flatwizz !
Weather Forecast for this week : good vibes.
Let’s go !

Monday 11/04

Starting the week is always difficult, and usually the inspiration is not there, nor the motivation.
But,  we got a crush this Monday, and it has a name, it’s Spotlight !
Who : Spotlight Movie
Where : Kino Evald – Národní 60/28, 110 00 Praha-Nové Město
What Time : 21h00
Price : 110Kc //Tickets


Tuesday 12/04

Violonist, singer & songwriter, Patrick Wolf began experimenting music very young, and it was at the age of 11.
Since then, we can hear an amazing evolution and you know what ? He’s in Prague, thanks to Roxy Club !
FlatWizz alert : It’s FlatWizz approved, so we highly recommend you to join !
Where : Roxy Prague – Dlouhá 33, 11000 Prague
Price : 492Kc // Tickets


Wednesday 13/04

Patrick Wolf was amazing ! And we’re all tired.
Let’s just relax tonight with some Jazz music
Who : Jazz Caravan
Where: Jazz Republic – Jilská 352/1, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město
Price : 100Kc at the door


Thursday 14/04

Maly Patek ! 1 more day before the week-end.
For the students, we hope you won’t have an exam tomorrow, and for the workers here, please prepare your day off !
Our friends from MeetFactory prepared for you the first Public House of the year.
In addition to that, this is not just 1 event suggested, but an eventful program for this night !
We’re really looking forward for this !
FlatWizz alert : It’s FlatWizz approved, so we highly recommend you to join !
More details here
What : IVVVO / PT, We Will Fail / PL, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith / US
Where: MeetFactory – Ke Sklárně 3213/15, 150 00 Praha 5
Price : Freeeeeeee !!


Friday 15/04

Congratulations ! You made it through the week-end !
From Urban Dictionary, this is what we got for those who don’t know : Burlesque is a variety show characterized by broad ribald comedy, dancing, and striptease.
What ? Did you read Striptease ? Yes !
Our special friend from Royal are preparing their weekly Burlesque show, and you shouldn’t miss it !
FlatWizz alert : It’s FlatWizz approved, so we highly recommend you to join !
What : Burlesque At Royal
Where: Royal – Vinohradska 48


Saturday 16/04 – Part 1

Happy Hangover Saturday !
Naplavka is back ! and with that all the street food festivals !
It starts at 10am, and we don’t have any words to explain how we want to be there, and it’s only the Volume 1.. More to come !
What : Náplavka Street Food VOL.I
Where : Naplavka



Saturday 16/04 – Part 2
We hope you’re well rested and that your belly is full of pivo & food from Naplavka.
Now, it’s time to lost all those calories and dance tonight !
We’ll be at Dlouhé Patro for some good vibes !
What : HOUSE 4 ADULTS | DJs: Cubik, Face, Zjook
Where : Klubovna 2.patro – Dlouhá 37, 110 00 Prague


Sunday 17/04 – Part 1

Good Sunday !
The last few days have been rough, and I hope you’re still recovering from last night.
We had food yesterday, why not having candies now ?!
FlatWizz alert : It’s FlatWizz approved, so we highly recommend you to join !
What : Prague candy festival
Where : Orea Hotel Pyramida – Bělohorská 24, Praha 6, Prague
Price : 100Kc // Tickets



Sunday 17/04 – Part 2

Let’s Swing baby before Monday !
What :Prague Spring Swing Festival (PSSF) 2016
Where : All Around Prague


Have fun with your friends & flatmates  🙂
Feel free to send us your own events  😉
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