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Prague & Events: Week 40 (3/10 to 9/10)

Posted by Sabrina Benali on 3.10.2016
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Welcome back!
Here’s a new week full of interesting events and venues with Flatwizz! Forecast for this week : Cinema, Music & Beer!


Monday 3/10: 4+4 dny v pohybu 2016


This festival already started few days ago so this week is your last chance to attend some super strange half exhibitions half dramas called Contemporary Art! The whole thing will take place in the very charming Divadlo Ponec.

“The Independent Research of Subjectivity” Until 8/10 at Divadlo Ponec – Divadlo Archa.

Tuesday 4/10: Vinyl Fever IV.


Here in Prague we’re very lucky to have all these old shops called “Antikvariat” full of books and vinyls that smells like hell but sounds like heaven. Here’s a new event to celebrate these wonders and to find new unique treasures!

The Vinyl Fever (the Fourth) at Už jsme doma – kavárna bar & Drum Gallery.

Wednesday 5/10: Inspirace Adama Gebriana – FILM a Architektura


Yes i know a movie about architecture doesn’t sound amazing and everyone would rather go for a beer after work instead of watching 90min on how crazy (and ugly) are constructions since the late 50’s everywhere in the world (especially in ex communist nations). But it worth it, i haven’t watched it (yet) but it worth it! I’m obviously in.

“FILM a Architektura” at the amazing KINO 35.

Thursday 6/10: Strahov OpenAir 2016


If you never been to this place, you’re seriously missing your life! I’m obviously talking about the stadium, Strahov! For the little (and boring) historical point Strahov has been for a very long time the second biggest stadium of the world! Amazed? Me too. Well the Open Air won’t really take place in the stadium but you’ll be very close to this amazing superstar (still talking about the stadium…)! Go first for the music and then, if you still have time, go lose yourself around. But go first for the music.

The “Strahov OpenAir 2016” at Koleje Strahov (free entrance).

Friday 7/10: Prague Beer Week Grand Finále


That’s the most interesting event of the week! First of all it’s Friday and second: they’re organizing a whole event around…the beer! Well, no one doubts anymore that Czech Republic is THE nation of this lovely drink so that must be one super interesting place to be on Friday! Moreover I shouldn’t tell you this information but there will still be some beers the day after…

The “Prague Beer Week Grand Finale” at Radlická – kulturní sportovna.

Saturday 8/10: Dia De La Raza #3


Fridays are for beers and Saturdays most definitely for food! I don’t know how they can manage to offer us amazing food festivals each Saturday but i’m really thankful for it! This one is not only about food it’s first about the celebration of three beautiful huge civilizations: AZTECAS, INCAS and MAYAS! So with the food (hell yes), you will also have some music, activities and every other things that you can find on a festival. Run!

Dia de la Raza (the third one) at (A)VOID Floating Gallery (Free entrance).

Sunday 9/10: Břevnovské posvícení 2016 – druhá největší pouť v Praze po Matějské pouti


Oh the beautiful wheel! Ok so here’s the serious event of the week. You can obviously go and have the fun of your life but you have to keep in mind that all the money that you will spend here today (food, drinks, activities and so on) will be directly reversed to charities associations. That’s definitely a great occasion to spend your time and your money!

The Brevnovske posviceni 2016 at Monastère de Břevnov.

Have fun with your friends & flatmates  🙂
Feel free to send us your own events  😉
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